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#NP #AngryBirdsEpic

My current avatar 📷

In a hr & a half I’ll be beginning a pre-work workout. 💃 #Fitness

My next phone #Nokia635 which releases on the 16th at #Tmobile📱


Vorsteiner E92 M3 (by DHY Photography)

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My view 😩


My high school, #SharpstownSeniorHigh

🎵I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful🎵 Soulja#Successful

🎵Ion fuk with 12 cause I heard they be listening to a nigga conversation🎵


Oh man I gotta say the guy who owns this car is actually weird as fuck. Met him a few times at car meets since he lives near my mom and wow. I guess you have to be to cover your GTR in green hexagons

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